Cookie policy

While using the Internet Shop by You on your final device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) small files are saved (especially text files) including necessary information for proper usage of the Internet Shop so-called cookie files. Thanks to saving these files on your device it is possible to among others remember the login data, therefore you will not have to enter your login and password as well as good added to your basket every time. Thanks to cookie files it is possible to collect statistical data of the Internet Shop, what allows to develop the Shop in accordance with the preferences of our Clients.

Cookie files do not include the data identifying you, there is no possibility to establish someone’s identity on their basis. These files are harmful for your device in any way and they do not change its settings and installed software. Reading content of these files is only possible by the server which opened them.

While using the Internet Shop by you we use two types of cookie files: session and permanent. The session files are temporary files, which are stored on your device until you log out from the Internet Shop, leave the Internet Shop or close the browser. The permanent files are stored on your device for time defined in parameters of these files or until their removal by you.

What cookie files we use?

  • Files necessary to run the Shop - files allow to proper run of the Internet Shop, log in the Shop, navigate through the Shop, purchase. Without their saving on your device using the Shop is not possible;
  • Files assure the safety of transactions made within the area of the Shop;
  • Files assure the safety of transactions made within the area of the Shop;
  • Functional files – files allows to remember your setting and preferences. Thanks to saving these files on your device among others you will not have enter your login and password every time, the products connected with your interests, etc will be displayed.


What to do, if your do not agree with saving the files on your device.
For most often the browser’s settings conjecturally allows to save the cookie files. If you do not agree with saving these files on your device, you have to change the setting s of your internet browser. The change may depend on not saving the cookie files on your device or informing you every time on saving particular file on your device. You may also remove the files from your device after each visit in the Shop. Particular information on possibility and ways of cookie files handling are available in the settings and section „Help” of your Internet browser. Remember that limitations in using cookie files may make difficult or foreclose usage of the Shop. 

The settings of your device’s browser which allows to save the files mean that you give your consent to save the files on your device.

Other technical information
We also use geo-location i.e. we check what location (continent, country, voievodeship and place) you make the order. We use the technologies and obliging procedures on personal data protection. We use modern mechanisms of transferred personal data protection.

Your personal data are stored in the database in which the technical and organizational means assuring the protection of processed data were applied in accordance with the requirements by the common obliging law on personal data protection including regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29th April 2004 on documentation of processed personal data and technical and organizational conditions to which the devices and IT systems for processing the personal data suppose to conform (J. of L. No. 100, it. 1024).

This page uses cookie files to provide its services in accordance to Cookies Usage Policy. You can determine conditions of storing or access to cookie files in your web browser.